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Michael Dermer

About Michael Dermer

Over a decade ago, I was fortunate to stumble upon an idea – rewards for consumers and providers  – that had the potential to fix healthcare. I founded the first company (IncentOne) to offer rewards for healthy behavior. At the time, rewards in healthcare were not only non-existent, they were offensive. Today, health rewards are everywhere and are energizing consumers and providers to improve health. I sold my company to healthcare innovator Welltok in 2013.

In some circles, we are considered the founder of the health rewards industry. Over that time, we developed what some consider to be the deepest knowledge of the use of rewards and incentives in healthcare.

We also learned what it takes not only to build a company, but to create an industry.

  • Entrepreneur
  • Speaker and Author
  • Pioneer of the Health Rewards Industry
  • Founder of the First Health Rewards Company
  • Expert on the Use of Rewards/Incentives in Healthcare
  • Former Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney
  • Founder and Author of The Lonely Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneur/Startup Coach