Michael Dermer, Pioneer of the Health Rewards Movement, Launches The Dermer Group and The Lonely Entrepreneur

Michael Dermer, a pioneer in using reward and incentives in healthcare, has launched two new ventures:

  • The Dermer Group: a consulting and training firm that provides services in two areas – the use of rewards and incentives in healthcare and go-to-market strategies. Visit dermergroup.com.

  • The Lonely Entrepreneur: a method that helps entrepreneurs with the one issue they all face – the struggle. The Lonely Entrepreneur book will be published in March and shows entrepreneurs how to shift their perspectives from those that naturally develop under the pressure but that stifle progress to those that empower them to thrive. Visit lonelyentrepreneur.com.

“There are two things I am passionate about – how incentives and rewards can help fix healthcare and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. In building IncentOne and helping start the health rewards industry, we learned a lot about both. Today, rewards are everywhere, but when we started, they were not only non-existent, they were offensive. Over a decade, and through the financial crisis, we not only learned about rewards, but what it takes to build an industry under the pressures of being an entrepreneur.”

The Dermer Group
The Dermer Group provides a series of services around rewards and incentives including:

  • Training

  • Program Assessment and Design

  • Strategy

  • Product Strategy & Execution

  • On-Call Customer Support

  • Vendor Evaluation

  • Peer/Competitor Evaluation

  • Sales Process Enhancement

The Dermer Group also offers online training modules at www.dermergroup.com to help you get up to speed on the latest in rewards and incentives in healthcare including:

  • Use of Rewards and Incentives in Healthcare (A review of the ways that reward/incentive programs are being used throughout the healthcare community)

  • Optimizing Program Design (The elements of designing a reward/incentive program including design, execution and compliance)

For more information, contact info@dermergroup.com.

The Dermer Group provides consulting and training in its two areas of expertise – Reward/Incentives and Go-to-Market Approaches. Its principal, Michael Dermer, was the founder of IncentOne, the first company to provide rewards and incentives to the healthcare community more than a decade ago, that was sold to Welltok in 2013. In some circles, Michael is considered the founder of the industry and one of the nation’s leading experts on rewards and incentives in healthcare. The Dermer Group also provides Go-to-Market services based on its experience not only building a company, but in helping to create an industry. Visit www.dermergroup.com.

The Lonely Entrepreneur® is a method that helps entrepreneurs with the one issue we all face – the struggle. This method empowers entrepreneurs to thrive in the pressure, chaos and burden of being an entrepreneur by changing their perspectives from those that stifle their progress to those that empower them to thrive. Visit www.lonelyentrepreneur.com.