Maximizing Differentiation and Reducing Risk

  • Creating an industry – health rewards – in healthcare required differentiation and an understanding of the pockets of opportunity and risk in various market segments.

  • We bring that experience to companies and investors to optimize their investments.

  • A solution, brought to market two different ways, can have quite different results.

  • Pioneer of Health Rewards Industry

  • Created “Blue Ocean” Market

  • Deep Knowledge of Market Dynamics

  • Differentiated Go-to-Market Plans

  • Investor and Customer Perspectives


Our Go-To-Market Services evaluate the strength of your go-to-market approach.

Determining the viability of new solutions, the potential for existing ones and the opportunity for growth requires an understanding of healthcare, the competitive landscape and how solutions will fare in a complex environment. The experience to digest these markets is required to determine how to meet investor and management expectations.

Our team has built solutions from the ground up – startup, investment, maturity and exit – in a sector that did not exist prior to our entry. During that period, we developed a deep understanding of not only what solutions the healthcare community values, but how to create the differentiating go-to-market strategies that unlock the potential of a solution.

We provide this insight to enable you to invest in go-to-market strategies that resonate and differentiate your offering.

Does your organization have a defined sales strategy that will make your offering stand out from your competition?
Does your organization have a strategic approach to product that sets a set of criteria for differentiation that competitors cannot match?
Given the current sales strategy, product strategy and pricing approach, is your organization honing in on the market segments that have the right mix of price, sales cycle and customer value?
Does your organization have a pricing approach that makes purchasing easy and aligns the interests of customers with your organization?
Is your organization taking advantage of distribution opportunities that your competition has not targeted or that maximize the scale and distribution in the marketplace?
Does your organization’s brand align with the sales strategy, product strategy, pricing approach and distribution approach?

Does the organization’s sales process support the overall revenue and customer approach with tools that makes the sales organization efficient and effective?

Investor Evaluation

Our Investment Evaluation Services enhances your capability to evaluate markets and investments.

Investing in healthcare requires an understanding not only of the landscape but of the characteristics of an organization necessary to tackle a highly complex and competitive marketplace. Our experience of creating an industry – healthcare rewards – when none existed provides a perspective on what it takes to bring an offering to the industry.

Because rewards are used to drive behavior in a variety of health programs ranging from disease management, coaching, education, wellness, biometrics, wearables, transparency, telehealth and devices, we know the players in those sectors. Finally, because incentives are used everywhere in healthcare – health plans, employers, health systems, governments and health vendors – we understand why those organizations buy (and do not buy) solutions.

We can either provide or supplement your existing expertise with resources offering a comprehensive perspective to improve your chances of market success.

What is the market opportunity in terms of size and complexity?
What is the competitive environment in the specific market?
Is there a unique value proposition that can serve this market?

Is there a sales strategy that can bring the unique value proposition to life?

Does the product strategy deliver a differentiated offering?
To what extent is the current leadership capable of delivering? Is the sales team capable on delivering the unique value position and developing and executing a differentiated sales strategy?

What is the current state of the pipeline?

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