Unparalleled Experience and Know-How

  • Our experience stems from a decade of creating a market, developing strategies and executing programs for every segment of healthcare.

  • Extrinsic rewards play a central role in driving consumer and provider behavior, enhancing engagement tools and unlocking intrinsic motivators.

  • Sales, client and product personnel, and the investors that fund solutions, must be well-versed in rewards and incentives in healthcare. 

  • When designed correctly, incentives can drive immediate return on investment and be the cornerstone of self-funding loyalty and engagement programs.

  • Pioneer of the Health Rewards Movement

  • Managed 4,000 Programs/40M Transactions

  • Consumer and Provider Experience

  • Strategy, Design and Execution Experience

  • Marrying Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivators

  • Legal and Regulatory Framework

  • Integration with Engagement Tools

  • Domestic and International Application

Our Services

Organizations are expected to be well-versed on the use of rewards and incentives in healthcare including current trends, program design, program execution, legal and regulatory, tax and what the future holds.
We evaluate your current program design or can design your program for the future. We answer key questions including whether your design employs the optimal combination of foundation elements (i.e., audience, actions, incentive values, rewards), takes advantage of immediate return on investment opportunities, optimizes execution and is compliant with all laws and regulations?
Many organizations implement incentive and reward programs without a defined strategy aligned to cost savings, health improvement, engagement or the creation of brand equity. Without a clear strategy in place, incentive and reward programs fail to realize their potential in delivering upon critical organizational goals.
Crafting a differentiated product strategy requires knowledge of the market, competitive offerings and the techniques used within and outside the healthcare industry. The strategy must then come to life in an offering that delivers program design, program execution, and compliance. With hundreds if not thousands of dollars per individual at stake, strategy, execution and the know-how to deliver both, is critical.
Demonstrating deep know-how of how to optimize reward and incentive programs is expected from the healthcare community. We provide or supplement your internal subject matter expertise on the design, execution and compliance of reward and incentive programs. With an outside resource at your disposal, you can ensure you are exceeding your market’s expectations.

Rewards and incentives in healthcare is the deep end of the pool. We evaluate whether your current vendors can deliver program designs that drive results, can execute those designs, and can do so in compliance with the legal and regulatory framework.

Rewards and incentives have become a competitive battlefield for health plans and health systems that compete for members and the employers that compete for employees. Having a clear understanding of what your peers and competitors are doing is critical to developing the strategy and tactics that create a competitive advantage.
Sales, client and product personnel must be armed with the latest and greatest when it comes to rewards and incentives. This capability cannot rest only with subject matter experts – it must be integrated into the standard sales process and tools of the organization to make client facing personnel both knowledgable and efficient.

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