WHAT YOU FEEL: you experience highs and lows that don’t come with a normal job.

PERSPECTIVE: Being an entrepreneur is not about a job, it is about making a choice to have an engaged life. What is an engaged life? It is a life in which “time flies” – that what you are doing is so compelling that you lose track of time. Have you ever said to yourself at the end of a day “where did the day go?” Most people crave the type of engagement that makes time fly and only rarely achieve it. Nearly 80 percent of people are unfulfilled in their current job. When you chose to be an entrepreneur, you are making a conscious choice not only to pursue a business venture, but to pursue the type of life in which “time flies.” Sometimes you get so lost on good things and sometimes you get lost on challenging things, but never as an entrepreneur do you say to yourself, “I wish the clock would move quicker.” When someone asks the entrepreneur how their day went, the answer inevitably is “it flew by.” How many things in life are so compelling that time flies?

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