What You Feel: you have so many things you have to do throughout the day. By the time you get to the ones that require real thought, your brain is mush.

Perspective:  In the chaotic world of the entrepreneur, things change on a minute by minute basis. There are certain rules, however, that you must follow. One of them is to do hardest things first thing in morning. Do the most important or difficult task of the day first thing in the morning, when you are most rested and least distracted. Unfortunately, ninety percent of people check their e-mail as soon as they get to work. That turns their agenda over to someone else. They do it because it’s easy – you feel more effective in a shorter time by answering e-mails. Focus first on the hardest task of the day. This will allow you to apply your best to the most important tasks. Resist the temptation to do mindless or easy things to accomplish things.

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