WHAT YOU FEEL: you feel like you are in the wild, wild West without a compass, a map or a GPS

PERSPECTIVE: Starting a business is like driving in New York City. Taxi drivers swerve from lane to lane – taxi drivers with passengers drive fast and erratically (to get their passengers to the destination as quickly as possible) and taxi drivers without passengers drive slow and erratically (to be in a position to pounce on an available fare). Add the constant wail of sirens from police cars and fire engines and the inevitable garbage truck. Crazy. Now imagine if you took away all structures of order – lights, lane lines, speed limits and traffic signs and threw in an occasional nurse with a baby crossing the street and an oil slick or banana peel in the street. It becomes a game of Frogger on steroids. Chaos! Now you know what it feels like to be an entrepreneur. Without the tools to manage, being an entrepreneur is a like driving in New York City without any lane lines, speed limits, stop signs or traffic signals.

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