Why The Dermer Group?

Creating a company in healthcare is challenging. Creating an industry is enlightening. In helping create the health rewards industry, we developed deep expertise in rewards and incentives and a unique understanding of go-to-market strategies that can make the difference for companies and investors.

  • Pioneer of the Health Rewards Movement
  • Founder of First Health Rewards Company
  • Created “Blue Ocean” Market
  • Deep Understanding of Market Dynamics
  • Rick Knowledge of Vendor Community
  • Consumer and Provider Application
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework
  • Strategy, Design and Execution
  • Integration with Engagement Tools
  • Marrying Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivators
  • Differentiated Go-to-Market Plans
  • Creative Revenue Strategies
  • Investor and Customer Perspectives
  • Domestic and International Application
  • Alternative Distribution Approaches